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Six gourmet recipes

Six gourmet recipes
created by Chef Association
"Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe"



Black cuttlefish Risotto with candied peppers powder

Unopiù - Risotto al nero crudo di seppie e polvere di peperoni canditi

Chef Tommaso Arrigoni e Eros PiccoRistorante Innocenti Evasioni, Milano

Ingredients for 4 people
320 gr. Carnaroli rice
1.5 l of fish stock
350 gr. black cuttlefish juice
20 gr. of cuttlefish
garlic, olive oil, basil
2 red peppers
100 gr. of sugar
salt, chilli oil

Make a syrup with 100 gr. of water and 100 grams of sugar, dip the previously peeled peppers and allow to steep until the whole thing will not be cold.
Drain the peppers, boil the syrup and put the peppers, allow to cool and repeat the process two more times.
Blend the candied peppers and lay them out on a sheet of wax paper, bake at 90 ° to obtain a dry pod, cool and blend it making dust.
Store in an airtight box in the absence of moisture.
Clean the cuttlefish and let them marinate with olive oil, basil and a clove of garlic.
Prepare the risotto and half cooked add the squid ink; stir in olive oil, chili oil and basil julienne. Cut the cuttlefish into small squares, season with olive oil and salt. Serve the risotto, place a quenelle of cuttlefish and sprinkle with candied pepper powder.

Calaf egg cooked at low temperature
Three ways to cook with potatoes and black truffle from Vic

Unopiù - Uovo di Calaf cotto a bassa temperatura con patate in tre cotture e tartufo nero di Vic

Chef Pedro Monje, Ristorante Via Veneto, Barcellona.

Ingredients for 6 people
Mashed potatoes:
1 kg of potatoes Monalisa
100 gr. of cured pork cheek
oil, salt, pepper, coarse salt

Potatoes Liquide:
200 gr. of Ratte potatoes
200 gr. Monalisa potatoes
200 gr. of old potatoes
2 l. mineral salt water, pepper, chives

Other ingredients:
12 Calaf eggs very fresh
4 gr. of Vic black truffle
a loaf of bread
3 gr. fresh thyme and chervil
10 gr. maple syrup

For the mashed potatoes: Put the potatoes washed in a high plate with water and salt.
Bake in hot oven until cooked. Peel and mash with a fork.
Add the bacon previously cut into strips and stir-fry, add salt and keep warm.
For liquid potatoes: boil all the peeled potatoes in salted water.
Once cooked, pass the Thermomix (including water) and add salt and pepper.
Cut the bread into thin slices using the slicing machine, brush with maple syrup and chopped herbs. Bake in the oven until they are golden brown and crispy.
Meanwhile cook the eggs in the water, while maintaining the low heat (about 63-65 ° C), for 40 minutes. Distribute the mashed potatoes and the liquid potatoes in six dishes using a steel hoop.
Heat in the oven and place on each disk a shelled egg.
Finally, add the grated truffle over each egg, a toast chips, a potato soufflé. Sprinkle with chives and chervil.


Anolini with stew

Unopiù - Anolini allo stracotto

Chef Marco Parizzi, Ristorante Parizzi, Parma.

Ingredients for 4 people
For the stew:
600 gr. beef meat
50 gr. of butter
2 carrots
1 celery
1 onion
2 cloves
2 glasses of red wine
1 teaspoon tomato paste

For the stuffing:
300 gr. bread crumbs
150 gr. of broth
3 handfuls of Parmesan stravecchio
1 egg
nutmeg to taste

For the pastry:
1 kg. flour
8 eggs
a little water

Method for stew
Sauté the butter in a pot (preferably earthenware) along with the chopped herbs (celery, carrots, onion, cloves).
Add the meat (preferably as cutting choose the "scoop", the front indicated for boiled and braised) and cook slowly for about 20 minutes.
At this point, pour in the wine and then, once completely reduced, cook with water covering the pot.
Allow to simmer for about 10 hours, half cooked add the tomato paste.
You will realize that the stew is ready when the meat is completely undone in a very thick sauce.

Method for the filling
Take a very hot pan, pour the bread crumbs, then fry gently just add the hot broth, stir and add to the stew sauce. Once cooled mix the grated parmesan cheese, whole egg, the pinch of nutmeg and mix well. In some recipes, it also adds a little 'meat stew of chopped very finely.
Mix all the ingredients, roll the dough thin and soft.
Cut it into strips and put the stuffing balls as big as a hazelnut to a finger from the board which will then be folded back on itself, then with the strictly wood-cutter and without indentations "print" anolini.
The "anolini" must be cooked in capon broth.

Bluefish bruschetta with shrimp, sesame and cous cousUnopiù - Bruschetta di pesce azzurro con gamberoni, cous cous e sesamo

Chef Pietro D’Agostino, Ristorante La Capinera, Taormina

Ingredients for 4 people
300 gr. fresh anchovies
200 gr. homemade focaccia with olives
100 gr. of tomato mayonnaise
4 prawns del Vallo Marzara
60 gr. of couscous flour
80 gr. sesame
2 dl of extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper
chili powder and oregano

Bone the anchovies and dry them with a towel, then slice the cake and drying it in the oven at 80 ° for 12 minutes.
Pack a classic mayonnaise adding the cooked tomato pulp in the pot.
Lay the anchovies on slices of focaccia and pass them to the grill.
Season with salt, pepper, oil and a pinch of red pepper.
Switch the prawns in semolina couscous, pass it in the seeds of sesamoe fry them in extra virgin olive oil, with a bamboo skewer.
To Serve in a fun, follow the composition as in the picture.

Paccheri in soft Carbonara

Unopiù - Paccheri in Carbonara soffice

Chef Iside De Cesare, Ristorante La Parolina, Trevinano (VT)

Ingredients for 2 people
160 gr. Paccheri
2 eggs
100 gr. jowl
Style q.b
Parmesan q.s.
salt, pepper and oil

Cut the bacon into thin slices, meanwhile, cook the pasta in salted water.
When ready drain, cool, and wrap each pacchero with the bacon previously cut. Beat the egg yolks with salt, pepper, 30 gr. of water, in a water bath, until frothy.
At this point in the pan to brown the paccheri crisping the bacon, then dial the dish by placing the bottom of the salty eggnog after the paccheri and, finally, pecorino, parmesan and pepper.


Rougail de turbot, sauce au lait de coco, purée de choux vert au curry

Unopiù - Rougail de turbot, sauce au lait de coco, purée de choux vert au curry

Chef Benjamin Delpierre, Ristorante La Liégeoise, Wimereux

Ingredients for 4 people
600 gr. of fillet of turbot
100 gr. of onions
80 gr. of green peppers
100 gr. of red peppers
1 cl lime juice
1 dl chicken broth
100 gr. tomato
10 cl of coconut milk
100 gr. cream
1 green cabbage
salt, pepper, garlic, olive oil, curry

Chop the cabbage and make a puree. Cut the fillets of turbot and make four servings. Cut the vegetables into small cubes and dry them in olive oil, with a hint of garlic and thyme. Afterwards, pour in the chicken stock and cook for a long time (this is the Rougail). In a saucepan mix the coconut milk and the curry, add the cream and bring to a boil, then whisk with a mixer. Cook the turbot in a frying pan with olive oil and then cover it with Rougail. Brush the bottom of the dish with mashed cabbage, lean over the turbot fillet and garnish with the sauce.